Saturday, November 20, 2010

Is that a giant hamster?? No, it is a Capibara!

One time I was at the Ecuadorian jungle and I got to go to a place where they had exotic animals. One of the animals looked like a giant hamster!! It was for real the weirdest thing I had ever seen because it was swimming in the water as well. It turned out that the animal was called a Capibara. It is the biggest rodent in the world and it belongs to the family of other common rodents such as guinea pigs which are extremely common in Ecuador. I have been fascinated by this animal and that is why I wanted to talk about it! I am attaching a picture so you guys can check it out!!

The ecological niche of the capibara is semi-acuatic. They are found in places that surround lakes and dense vegetation. They are also found in forests and grasslands. The capibara does not take a lot of space when it needs to sleep. It usually sleeps in shallow parts of the the soil

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